Scientific Description:

Bulbous perennials. Bulb with few tightly packed scales and thin translucent tunic which usually disappears with increase in size. Leaves verticillate, opp­osite or alternate. Flowers solitary (usually nodding), in umbels or in many-flowered racemes. Perianth campanulate to saucer-shaped; segments often marked with alternating squares of light and dark colour (tessellations) and often with a longitudinal stripe (fascia) of clear green down the centre. Nectaries conspicuous, at base, or at point of inflection of perianth segment. Filaments inserted slightly above base of anther. Style entire or 3-fid, caducous. Fruit a flat-topped, erect capsule, sometimes with 6 longitudinal wings.


Rix EM (1984). Fritillaria L.,
In: Davis PH (ed.), Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 8: 284.

Public Description:

Fritillaria is a genus of herbaceous bulbous perennials known as “fritillaries”, is native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, especially in the Mediterranean, southwest Asia, and western North America. There are approximaltely 141 species in the world and 35 species (41 taxa) in Türkiye. Fritillaries often have nodding, bell- or cup-shaped flowers, and the majority are spring-flowering. Some species have unpleasant odors. Most fritillaries have toxic alkaloids, and even a small amount can cause fatal consequences if swallowed. However, they are among the most commonly used plants as ornamental plants or cut flowers.


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