Scientific Description:

Shrubs, perennial or annual herbs, with simple, often opposite leaves, stipulate or not. Sepals 5 or 3, often very unequal. Corolla actinomorphic. Petals 5, free, pink, yellow or white, evanescent. Stamens many, free. Ovary superior, 3−10 carpellate, with a single style, maturing to a loculicidal capsule. Seeds 3 to numerous.



Davis PH (1965). Cistaceae, In: Davis PH (ed.), Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 1: 506.

Public Description:

Rock-rose family” contains shrubs, perennial or annual herbs, is distributed primarily in the temperate areas of Europe and the Mediterranean basin, but also found in North America; a limited number of species are found in South America. They often have showy yellow, pink or white flowers which are generally short-lived. Most of the species (Cistus L., Halimium (Dunal) Spach and Helianthemum Adans.) are widely cultivated ornamental plants. Some species (mostly Cistus ladanifer L.) are used to produce an aromatic resin, used in the perfume industry.



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