Barbarea vulgarisR.Br. subsp. vulgaris Garden yellow-rocket

Barbarea vulgarisR.Br. subsp. vulgaris - Garden yellow-rocket

Scientific Description:

Glabrous biennial or perennial herbs. Stems erect, often branched, 30−40 (or more) cm. Lower leaves with (2−)3−5 pairs of lateral leaflets, and a larger, ovate-oblong, crenate, terminal leaflet. Stem leaves ovate-amplexicaul, deeply toothed to pinnatifid. Petals yellow, 6−8 mm. Siliquae spreading, often curved, 15−30 mm.


Flowering time: April−May.

Habitat: Streamsides, marshy fields, up to 1250 m.

Public Description:

Barbarea vulgaris subsp. vulgaris, commonly known as “garden yellow-rocket”, is native to Eurasia and North Africa. It is a biennial or perennial herb with yellow flowers and basal rosettes of shiny, dark green leaves, and grows up to 40 cm in length. It blooms between April and May and is found in streamsides and marshy fields.



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