Scientific Description:

Annual or perennial herbs, glabrous, or with simple hairs. Petals yellow. Filaments without appendages. Ovary with numerous ovules. Fruits globose to linear (i.e. siliquae or siliculae). Seeds in 2 rows in each loculus. Stigma ± capitate, slightly 2-lobed. Hybrids are known to occur between various species of this genus in Europe, and may occur also in Türkiye.



Coode MJE & Cullen J (1965). Rorippa Scop., In: Davis PH (ed.), Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 1: 431.

Public Description:

Rorippa, commonly known as “yellowcresses”, is native to Europe, Türkiye, through central Asia, Africa, and North America. There are approximately 91 species in the world and 8 species (10 taxa) in Türkiye. It is an annual or perennial herbs with usually yellow flowers and has a peppery flavour.



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