Scientific Description:

Annual, glabrous, glaucous herbs with yellow or pale cream flowers and simple leaves. Calyx open, slightly saccate. Petals oblong, truncate or rounded at apex. Filaments not dilated. Ovary 2-ovulate; stigma inconspicuously capitate. Fruiting pedicels very sturdy, hollow, tightly adpressed to the stem. Fruit indehiscent or hard to open, obcordate with very prominent shoulders, 1−2-seeded; beak compressed laterally. Radicle incumbent. Monotypic.



Hedge IC (1965). Myagrum L., In: Davis PH (ed.), Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 1: 348.

Public Description:

Myagrum, commonly known as “Bird's eye-cress”, is is naturally distributed in Central and Southern Europe, Türkiye, Western Syria, Caucasus, Northern Iraq and Iran. Only one species is found in the world. It is an annual herbaceous plant with hairless, yellow or pale creamy flowering.



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