Scientific Description:

Annual, glabrous, glaucous herbs with ovate or elliptical, entire, clasping leaves and yellow or white flowers. Sepals erect, inner pair saccate or not. Petals obovate or oblong, entire. Style usually short; stigma compressed-capitate or with decurrent carpidial lobes. Fruit a long, slender siliqua with or without a beak, round, flat, 4−or 8−angled, readily dehiscing.



Hedge IC (1965). Conringia Adans., In: Davis PH (ed.), Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 1: 275−276.

Public Description:

Conringia is a genus of annual herbs, commonly known as “hare's-ear-mustard”, and is native to Eurasia. There are 6 species in the world and 4 species (4 taxa) in Türkiye. They have yellow or white flowers and ovate or elliptical leaves.



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