Scientific Description:

Herbs with rhizomes, corms or bulbs. Leaves usually equitant. Perianth biseriate, inner and outer segments similar or markedly different, or perianth zygomorphic. Stamens 3, opposite outer perianth segments. Ovary inferior, with many ovules. Style 3-lobed, branches entire or divided, petaloid or not. Seeds globose to ellipsoid or pyriform, angular to flattened, winged or unwinged, strophiolate or not.


Davis PH (1984). Iridaceae,
In: Davis PH (ed.), Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 8: 381.

Public Description:

The “iris family”, consisting of herbaceous perennial plants with a bulb, corm or rhizome, has a widespread distribution in the world. They have flamboyant flowers and linear or lanceolate leaves. The name of this family originates from the most famous genus name of Iris L. The "Iris" means "rainbow" in Greek and is also the name of the Greek rainbow goddess“Iris".Cultivated forms of swordfish (Gladiolus L.), iris (Iris) and crocus (Crocus L.) species are important ornamental plants in this family.The "orris oil", an essential oil obtained from the rhizomes of some irises, mainly “German iris (Iris x germanica L.)”, is used as fragrance in perfumes, soaps, powders and body lotions. Normally, when fresh rhizomes are almost odorless, they are dried and kept in a dry and cool environment for 3-5 years, and when they are kept waiting, they get a great floral and sweet smell. It is used not only for its own smell, but also for its ability to bind and enhance other scents. The "saffron", accepted as the world's most expensive spring, is obtained from a crocus species Crocus sativus L., and used for food coloring, flavoring or medical ingredient.



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