Scientific Description:

Deciduous or evergreen shrubs or small trees. Young twigs terete. Leaves opposite, shortly petiolate, simple and entire. Flowers hermaphrodite, borne in erect terminal panicles. Calyx cupular, 4-dentate. Corolla white, valvate, 4-lobed. Stamens epipetalous, included or exserted, with short filaments. Fruit a 2−4-seeded berry, usually blackish.



Yaltırık F (1978). Ligustrum L., In: Davis PH (ed.), Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 6: 154.

Public Description:

Ligustrum is a genus of erect, deciduous or evergreen shrubs, sometimes forming small or medium-sized trees known as “privet”. It is native to Europe, north Africa, Asia and Australasia (A region in Oceania covering Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and neighboring islands in the Pacific Ocean). There are approximately 43 species in the world and 2 species (2 taxa) in Türkiye. It is a plant widely used in the landscape to create park and garden fences.



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